October 7, 2015

About Us







Aaron Industries was incorporated in 2013 as an separate entity for elevator industry. It is one of the group companies of Moti Group. Aaron Industries was founded by Mr. Amar Doshi with a vision to provide exceptional design in elevator cabins. Within short period, Aaron has changed the elevator industry from simple cabins to extra-ordinary designer cabins. It has created its place by setting benchmark and elevating that benchmark every moment.

From designing ultra modern, up-to-the-mark cabins for luxurious properties - residentials as well as commercials, we give our customers an artistic edge that enhances their property.

Aaron incorporates its company's core values by implementing global philanthropic strategies that accelerate the technology and managerial know-how, that helps in enhancing employees knowledge and inculcate value for personal development



To innovatively conver resources into products that provide ease, comfort, safety and add value to human life.


  • Result Oriented Smart Work
  • Unity
  • Continuous p-gradation & improvement in every sphere of activities
  • Continuous employees growth


Aaron Industries was incorporated with one thing in mind, to provide something that would change the elevator industry forever. With this single thought we came-up with exceptional designs in elevator cabins. In a short period of time, I am proud to say that we have successfully created a benchmark in this growing industry. 

We believe in providing innovative products for the ease of our customers and we work with the intention of achieving maximum customer satisfaction with the growing economy and business we even consider our responsibility to return a part of our earnings to the society. As a whole, Moti Group we have carried our company social responsibility as water harvesting projects. 

Our strength since 1961 has been our loyal employees and we ensure that every employee of Moti Group should earn a good standard of living and should achieve growth in his personal and professional life. 

With the intention of providing innovative products to our customer, good platform and culture to our employees and contributing to society in changing the world, we look in the future as an successful name in the elevator industry.


Mr. Amar C. Doshi