October 7, 2015

Elevator Kit

Elevator Solutions

ARL 500 SENKRON mak.Daireli_1162

Control Panels

We have a wide range of control panels suitable for all type of elevators. We provide serial based as well as integrated panel for MRL lifts, Hydraulic Lifts and Traction Lifts. Our panel are compatible with all well known and renowned Motors in elevator industry



lop_cop (1)

Cop and Lop

A wide range of elegant and sophisticated looking COP and LOP for giving your elevator an outstanding look. We have all kind of COP and LOP.  7 Segment, Dot Matrix, Led and Touch COP and LOP are available in Wall Mount model and Surface Model


Gear / Gearless Motor

Considering the requirement of today's Market, we provide all kind of machines used in elevator Industry. Geared and Gearless machins with european standards, suitable for MRL, tractiona and Hydraulic lifts